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Hydraulic Parts, Products, and Service: You Don’t Have To Choose

Hydraulics_PartsProducsServiceHere at Acadiana Hydraulics, we’ve been serving the hydraulic needs of the people of Lafayette and Broussard, LA for over 40 years. We’re not somebody new who doesn’t know how to treat our customers; we’re still in business because we believe in treating our customers right.


We’re also still in business because we’re the go-to shop when you need anything having to do with hydraulics in the area. In other words, we’re one-stop-shopping if you’ve got hydraulic needs. Here are the reasons to stop by and visit us.

Hydraulic Parts

Hydraulic equipment works hard and is under a lot of pressure. The moving parts and seals on hydraulic equipment will eventually wear out, and when it does you’ll want to replace it with the best in seal kits, valves, and O-rings so that it will last as long as possible out in the field.

Hydraulic Repair

So we sell the best parts, no doubt about that. You might be able to replace them yourself, but why take the time and risk of injury? When you need the best parts installed by qualified experts, let Acadiana Hydraulics take care of your hydraulic service. You’ll also get a 30-day labor guarantee, so you can be sure your parts will be installed correctly.

Hydraulic Tools

Before you need hydraulic service or repair, you obviously need the hydraulic tools! We got a great selection of the most popular hydraulic tools and brands out there, including hydraulic jacks, branden winches, pumps, and lifts.

When you need the best in hydraulic service in the area, Acadiana Hydraulics is there for you. Give us call or stop by today!

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