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Spotlight: Hydraulics FAQ


In today’s post, we figured it would be a helpful endeavor to answer frequently asked questions in reference to hydraulics, our hydraulics company here at Acadiana Hydraulics, and other related queries. Mind you, we haven’t surveyed our customers or scoured the internet for statistics to determine which of these questions actually are the most “frequently asked.” We figured that we could shoot from the hip a little bit and then go from there.

After all, we have been in this industry for a pretty significant chunk of time now, proudly serving Lafayette and the surrounding regions with all things hydraulics. We’ve been your top source for hydraulics knowledge and high-quality hydraulics parts. With that in mind, keep reading if you are interested in learning more about our services, our products, and about hydraulics in a more general sense!

Acadiana Hydraulics FAQ

Let’s start with some basics and go from there, shall we?

What Is Hydraulic Power?

Hydraulic power is also referred to as fluid power. It has to do with circulating pressurized fluid, usually either water-glycol or a water-soluble oil, being transmitted to a motor that converts it to a mechanical output which makes it functional power.

What Are Hydraulic Power System?

Hydraulic power systems are a network of networked pipes that transfer pressurized liquid. This liquid is utilized to transmit mechanical power from one power source to equipment, like a motor or a lift.

What Do People Use Hydraulic Power For?

All kinds of things! Excellent question, if we do say so ourselves. There are many applications of hydraulics. From the braking system of a car to lifting equipment like hydraulic jacks and wheelchair lifts, the uses are numerous. Others include excavating and lifting arms on machinery (think diggers), wing flats and even rudders on boats and planes, hydraulic presses, which are typically utilized during the process of forging metal parts.


What Is A Hydraulic Pump?

Some people make the understandable mistake of thinking that hydraulic pumps generate pressure. Ha! No, no, no, no, no. Pumps produce liquid movement or flow. This flow is essential to the development of said pressure, which is the function of resistance to the fluid flowing within the pump’s system. Think of it like this: a pump’s pressure needs to rise up to get to the requisite level to basically overcome the load’s resistance. Did we just confuse you? Sorry, it’s science’s fault, not ours.

Is Acadiana Really My One-Stop-Shop For Hydraulics Supplies, Products, And Services In Lafayette And Beyond?

Wow! A little bit wordy of a question, but an apt one nevertheless. At Acadiana Hydraulics, we are dedicated to providing you with top-line hydraulic repair service, and hydraulic parts, backed with an in-house warranty.

We are Lafayette’s top hydraulic company for good reason(s). Some of those reasons include incredible customer service, unmatched industry knowledge, a great selection of hydraulic pumps, filters, presses, jacks, O-rings, and consumer-friendly prices.

If you are looking for an affordable and reliable hydraulics supplier, reach out to us or visit us at 127 Thruway Park Rd, Broussard, LA 70518!


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