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3 More Surprising Places Where Hydraulic Tools Show Up

Hydraulics_SurprisingPlacesWe’ve talked quite a bit in our blogs about how hydraulics are everywhere, even in places you might never expect them. Amusement park rides, harvesting equipment, cars…you’ll pass by or use some sort of hydraulic equipment just about every day. Let’s go find a few more places you never think about that are using hydraulics.


The Mint

Dig into your pockets and pull out a recently-made coin. Now marvel at just how detailed it is, and how it looks exactly like another coin of the same value. Coins are made to such an exact tolerance that the few errors that do get released are worth big money!

Hydraulic tools are used in at least two points in the coin production process. First the blanks are made from sheets of metal (a zinc/copper mixture in the case of pennies), and then a separate press is used to stamp the image on both sides of the coin at once, spitting out thousands every minute. Six technicians work for the mint to perform hydraulic repair.

Exercise Equipment

Hydraulic exercise equipment is becoming more and more popular, even though it’s been around since the 1970’s. Instead of a gas engine moving the oil through the system, such resistance is overcome with muscle power. Hydraulic fitness equipment is most often found in circuit training programs.

Hydraulic Suspensions

hydraulics 1You know the ones we’re talking about, the hydraulics that turn a normal looking car into a lowrider or make it bounce around in a Super Bowl ad. In Los Angeles there are garages specifically dedicated to making your car a lowrider and then raising it to a legal height.

There you go, three more pieces of hydraulic equipment that you probably don’t think about much. At Acadiana Hydraulics we can help you with just about any hydraulic tool or hydraulic repair you can bring it. Stop by no matter what you need!

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