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3 Jobs Where Hydraulic Tools Have Popped Up

Hydraulics_ThreeJobsAt one time, all jobs were done by hand. Then tools came along, then harnessing animal power. Over time machines have utilized steam power, gasoline and diesel, and, of course, hydraulic power.

In the past, many of these forms of power worked alone, but as machines get more complex you’ll find that hydraulics are working their way into applications that weren’t a possibility before. Here are three interesting jobs where hydraulic machines have popped up.



Most harvesting, whether it was radishes, oranges, sugar beets, or apples, used to be done by hand. The only place you might find machine harvesting was in the corn fields. Today, nearly every harvesting job has some sort of special machine associated with it, and just about every one of those machines has some sort of hydraulic tool that it uses. Want to see some of these in action? Here’s an awesome video.

Tree Cutting

100 years ago, tree cutting was done with axes and two-man saws. Soon chainsaws came around, and most cutting was done with the help of gasoline-powered saws.

Today…oh boy, have you seen these machines? They can cut a tree, strip the bark, and cut it into specific lengths in just seconds. Of course, they’re doing it with the help of amazing hydraulic tools. Here’s a video even more awesome than the last one.

Military Applications

One of the coolest (and, admittedly, creepiest) applications has been BigDog, a robotic equipment hauler that’s being considered by the military. The engine drives a hydraulic pump, and that pump in turn drives the leg actuators. BigDog stands on four legs, each of which has four actuators. With its servos and sensors it’s almost impossible to knock over. Check it out right here.

Hydraulics are showing up everywhere, but they’re always going to need hydraulic maintenance. You might not have any of these machines, but no matter what hydraulic tool you have Acadiana Hydraulics can take care of it. Contact us or stop by today!

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