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3 Big Mistakes People Make When Using Hydraulic Equipment

Hydraulics_3MistakesHere at Acadiana Hydraulics, we service a lot of different types of hydraulic tools. Some are just coming in for basic hydraulic maintenance, because all hydraulic systems need to be properly cleaned and have the soft parts replaced so that they don’t break down in the field.

When they do break down, it’s often because of “the usual suspects,” three ways the people abuse their hydraulic equipment. Here are the most common reasons people need immediate hydraulic repair.


Changing the Oil or Filters Too Late

Changing the oil in your hydraulic equipment too early isn’t too bad. Sure, you’re wasting money on oil and filters by changing it more often than it needs to be, but it’s not going to cause your equipment to fail. Changing the oil or filters too late can certainly cause problems, though. Make sure you change your oil (we can help) before it gets too contaminated and causes problems throughout the system.

Running Your Hydraulic Equipment Too Hot

If your oil light or check engine soon light comes on in your car or truck, you pull over and get it checked out right away. Unfortunately, many people using hydraulic tools will keep pushing the equipment until it overheats, thereby damaging seals, gaskets, hoses, and the oil itself.

Using the Wrong Oilhydraulic equipment 1

You don’t want green blood running through your veins, and you don’t want the wrong oil running through your hydraulic system. Make sure you have the right viscosity and type of oil in your system for the task and tool at hand. Again, we’re more than happy to help you with this.

Treating your hydraulic equipment poorly can end up causing you very costly hydraulic repairs. Before that happens, make sure have everything in order by talking to Acadiana Hydraulics.

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